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Dear subscribers of the app, if you are interested in cryptocurrency, you can get a wallet at All members of the app will be given 1 DCT, with which you can make bets for dating !!! I remind you that all bets will go to help cancer and other patients !!! All reports will be in his group, do betting more actively !!! Look at what girls and beautiful guys in the app !!!

Make bets for meeting and help people!
Donate Decent dw-charitydatingclub for robotic protheses with Z-Robotics for people without legs and other ill people.
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Miss Italy


In 13 years Chiara Bordi had an accident and lost an extremity. Now to it 18, she has a bionic leg, but she successfully works model. Chiara took the third place in the final of the competition "Ms. Italy".

In Facebook she not only was supported, but also criticized – many users told that it reached the final only because of her leg. Chiara directly and boldly answered ill-wishers: "I do not have a leg, but you do not have a heart and brain". According to her, she participates in a competition not so much for the sake of a victory how many to show that "life is fine even then when you endured a drama event".

Chiara was spoken out in defense by the Italian politicians, actors and athletes. "If you count all the comments, then the compliments will be more than insults", – wrote to her the Paralympic athlete Giusy Versace, chosen in parliament from Forza Italia party.

Chiara likes to travel and is fond of rock-climbing, rowing on a canoe, windsurfing and rollers. In the future she is going to receive the surgeon-orthopedist's profession.



Life is unpredictable therefore nobody can definitely tell that waits for you behind the following corner.

We can not control life, but we can control ourselves, our confidence and sense of purpose. And if all this is present inside, then nothing will be able to prevent you to kick the ass to this world.

The 21-year-old Brazilian model Paola Antonini who has lost the left leg in car accident was real Instagram sensation. Paola`s profile in Instagram totals nearly 800 thousand subscribers whose understanding and support have allowed she to achieve improbable popularity. We suggest you to take a look at this beautiful confident girl and cheer yourself up with her bright inspiring photos.

Her leg has been broken in four places and despite all attempts to save it, doctors have been forced to amputate leg to knee.

The girl had to learn to go anew, but as soon as she has got used to amputation, doctors have been forced to perform the second operation, having amputated leg above knee.

Paola not in has fallen depression.



Mobile applications will be created hundreds of thousands of new jobs worldwide. Mobile development became one more key to socialization for those to whom many prefer not to notice. When I for the first time saw Nikita Levonovich during one of MobileFest flows, I understood at once that this guy is difficult. I perfectly knew that a cerebral palsy - not the sentence, but, perhaps, pushes away those who got used to evaluate people on external sign. However the developer, has a cerebral palsy met me for the first time. We learned about Nikita slightly more. The cerebral palsy is a group of motive violations. In other words, the body does not obey you. It is not so important. For example, to program. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci had only one side of a body. It did not prevent Leonardo to become history the great thinker, the creator, the inventor.



Hello my dear, family, friends, acquaintances and all who care about my condition. Thank you all for your support💋. Now it is very hard for me ... I still can not get up, my eyesight is almost gone, I see only silhouettes ... I can not leave the thought that it is all ... 😥. But I hold on to my loved ones and will continue to fight ... 💪🏻👪 When everything will normalize, I will definitely write all the details in the history. Please pray for my health ... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 P.s. These words are personally from Dasha.

Aleksey vs cancer


Dear friends! At the moment, the situation is very serious, treatment with targeted drugs went well, after a month of taking their preparats my metastasis decreased by almost two, it was 7 cm, and now became 3.5 cm. In the second month of treatment, the result continued, and it became almost 1 cm.In the third month, doctors predicted that it should disappear altogether. But this was not the case, for some reason the targeted drugs no longer helped before it was predicted.The tumor increased to 3.8 cm.And continues to grow with new force. But we are not going to give up! We have another line of therapy, but it costs a lot of money. The combination of these two strongest drugs - Opdivo and Erva gives very good chances for recovery. We will try to get it from the state, but Erva will have to buy at his own expense. The cost of the drug is calculated 1 mg per 1 kg of the body. In this case, we need an amount for 2 bottles of 50 mg at 4,800 dollars is 620,400 rubles, it is only 4 droppers. Total amount 2 481 600 rub. We need your help and support. They need use every three weeks. And as soon as possible. And then Opdivo can work in mono mode. Now we are planning to go to Moscow for a consultation in order to get a free OPDIVO and to undergo an additional medical examination. We really need your help and support!

Help mom!


News about mom !!! Psoriatic arthritis still affects the small joints of the arms and legs, in the morning it is impossible to lift even a teapot without painkillers ... We offer one treatment - immunosuppressive drugs that suppress immunity, cytostatics, glucocorticosteroid hormones, which go against the main treatment ... That is, taking them, the main treatment may become less effective. We are very afraid and mother refuses to take these medicines, drinks painkillers that dull the symptoms ... We are looking for a way out, how to reduce the exacerbation of psoriasis and arthritis, because quality of life suffers greatly. At times, depression overtakes us and we give up We treat hygromas and chalazies with ointments to avoid additional surgical interventions.She still takes blood thinners preparates and many other. PS: I want to express my deep gratitude for your support and help! Thank you for believing in us! I will lay out a report about receipts in the near future. We still need your help !!!

Homeless people of Perm


My story about helping homeless people. I started escorting homeless people . To do this , we agree with the homeless about a meeting at another time after dinner . With homeless Ilya I had tea in cafe . And despite strange views of visitors of cafe, I felt comfortable. Ilya bought me tea , and we talked to him about his life, about what he would like to do further. He says that he would like to be engaged constantly in something not to take alcohol, but for the present did not solve than . But any option offered by me is pleasant to it. We met homeless Andryushka and just took a walk and talked about further ours work . And I am pleased that I can bring to people joy . At first Andryushka was sad and was upset because he has no documents , and he cannot get a job . But after the conversation with me he became cheerful , began to smile and with pleasure told me about the life . He told that I have kind eyes and that to it with me is good. He led me to the bus . Besides despite looks of disapproval of passengers, I felt comfortable. What she found in the homeless, why she drinks tea with them and walks, people think. It is my work, and it really is pleasant to me . I like to help people, to give them joy . And I feel good when I see smiles on the faces of the homeless who is grateful to me for the help . The plain jacket or a conversation can help , but they are grateful, glad and happy, and to me from it is good .



The 10 - year - old girl with a prosthetic leg inspires people around the world with her impressive gymnastic exercises. 10 - year - old Jamiyah Robinson , who has a prosthesis instead of one leg, recorded a video where she does several back flips in a row. The video touched many users, including mothers who have children with similar health problems. Gymnastic video of Jamiyah , which she has a prosthesis instead of one leg, received thousands of comments and 50 thousand likes on Facebook. Especially her video touched mothers who have children with artificial limbs. They write to a 10 - year - old acrobat that her self-confidence gives them strength, writes ABC. That gives them hope. Jamiyah was born with femoral insufficiency, a rare disease in which her left leg was almost half the length of the other. Initially, the baby generally lived without a full leg. When Jamiyah Robinson was 5 years old, she was ready, according to doctors, for prosthetic legs. For the past three years , Jamiyah has been involved in the Elite Forces of Destruction dance team , that showed the show Lifetime "Bring It!" .

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Charity Dating is one of the longest-standing disability dating app on the internet. With thousands of members from all around the world, we are unique, with the right tools to help you find love. We are aware that living with a disability can pose challenges, and whether you’re looking for friendship, a fling, or long-lasting romance, you’ll find it on the site, with services guaranteed to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

The main aim of the game is to give you somewhere to meet, chat, and get to know each other, whilst being safe and secure, comfortable with the knowledge that your personal information is safe. The friendly environment helps you to feel at ease so you can really be yourself, and with strict procedures in place to spot and remove those scammers and fake profiles, you know the people you are talking to are genuine members, all looking for love just like you. Our app was created to really focus on finding love when you are living with a disability. There are thousands of dating websites out there, yet very few of them focus on the disabled singles audience.

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[VIDEO] Inherent "accessory" Denis headphones. Denis is a true music lover ... "his favorite music is such a kind of soundtrack to his life" ... A gallant guy .. a true connoisseur of girls, especially volunteers. If possible, he always meets, and taking the girl’s arm goes with her with her head held high. It is very important to build relationships with Denis. - See more

It is difficult to imagine a normal dating life after you have been diagnosed with an STD. The goal of our application is to help people with sexually transmitted diseases like Herpes or HIV to start dating again. - See more

Charity Dating - the angels of invisible war.

Her name is Elena, she has two children and her own problems. She stays at home with the baby because kid is constantly sick.

Elena is the angel of the invisible front. She pulls out hopelessly sick people, from whom all funds have refused, but the amount of collecting 6 million rubles.Elena collects money from VKontakte, leads the groups at the level of the Moscow smmschik, fights off the BNK group, these are the ones who like to deceive patients with improperly issued documentsin in the group, there are 13 thousand of them, tens of volunteers. Shamans, charlatans and hackers also love to deceive patients for whom there is no other way to make money as a dying person.

Elena is one against all because she is a messenger of God. She makes advertising posts and offers them to the news offered. The millionth culinary group is not a question, thousands of page views per minute turn into five thousand rubles, but she need to collect much more money.

Some people leave the charity, they can not stand the deaths of those who they helped. They have no psychologists. But Elena can not leave Sergei, who writes her "Hello" every morning and poems about how he was left . Sergey from Syktyvkar, from his relatives only 17 year old daughter.

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